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So little time, so much to do.

Winston Churchill

RESTCo Principal: Darryl McMahon

Darryl has over thirty years of work experience since obtaining his degree in Commerce (business administration). He has worked with organizations ranging in size from less than five employees to those employing more than 10,000; serving clients and employers as a finance officer, line manager, system analyst, developer, technical architect, project manager, and more. He has done significant work in the energy, government, arts, software and systems development, telecommunications, community services and health sectors.

He also has an abiding passion for sustainable energy systems, energy efficiency and conservation, economic and social policy, and alternate fuels. He is an acknowledged expert in the field of electric vehicles, with more than 30 years of personal hands-on experience with electric cars, motorcycles, tractors, bicycles and boats. He has been President of the non-profit Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa (EVCO) multiple times, remains Historian for the Electric Auto Association, and maintains the electric vehicle history pages on the Econogics Web site, which are widely recognized as a premiere collection of information in the field.

Darryl is the author of numerous articles and papers on a variety of subjects and of the book, The Emperor's New Hydrogen Economy, which has been called "one of the most useful energy books going". Darryl is also the President of Econogics, Inc., a consulting company in the area of sustainable systems (including business systems, electric vehicles, and energy efficiency and conservation). Econogics is also a distributor for products in the areas of battery monitoring and charging, and water conservation.

Darryl holds a Certificate in Energy Programming and Evaluation from Carleton University (Carleton Sustainable Energy Research Centre).

Darryl has agreed to be the Vice President - Administration for RESTCo.

Darryl's Résumé (DOC format)

Contact Darryl at darryl@restco.ca

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