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Investor Relations

To keep it short - don't call us, we'll call you.

RESTCo's objective is not to produce stunning profits and payouts to our shareholders. Our objective is to bring our expertise to the service of remote communities to help them deal with their vulnerabilities related to energy sourcing and infrastructure, while producing fair remuneration for our principals and collaborators. Where significant investments are required, we expect those to be made by our clients, so that they will own and control the related property and operations locally. When we are finished, we want these communities to be as self-sufficient as possible, and not dependent upon us.

While we welcome funding to bring collaborative projects to fruition, we don't expect to ever be a good investment on pure financials or a corporate takeover target.

Our shares are not traded publicly, and as finding like-minded individuals doesn't happen every day, issuance of shares to others requires the consent of all our current shareholders. If you are a like-minded individual, odds are we will find you by other means than your financial resources. We intend to remain a closely held corporation.

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