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The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names.

Chinese Proverb

About Our Name

We chose the name Remote Energy Security Technology Collaborative as we feel it expresses our reason for bringing the organzation into being.

Those that live along the more populated and temperate areas of the industrialized world have access to plenty of options for their needs. In light of changing climate and other geopolitical and climactic factors, many remote communities don't have the same degree of access to appropriate solutions. Remoteness connotes a greater need for self-sufficiency, and higher consequences when serious mistakes and failures occur. In short, remote is different than industrialized, urban infrastructure and culture.

Modern man is defined by energy. How we produce it, how we use it, how much is at our disposal. It is the ultimate tool. Energy defines how water is available, and if it is safe for consumption. Energy defines what foods are available to us, and how much. The energy in those foods, and adequate supplies directly define our health. Exploitation of fossil energy has brought both negative consequences and advances. With intelligence, we should be able to retain the gains, and mitigate the losses. We take a broad view of energy, not just a count of how many barrels of heating oil are stored in a community. We have reached a time when oil cannot be taken as a given in our planning for the future.

We look upon security in the sense of being secure in our communities; that we will have adequate and suitable resources to sustain us. Dependence on scarce commodities and resources that originate from great distances create vulnerabilities for our communities. We look at the vulnerabilities of communities so that we can address them to enhance security and well-being.

Man is a tool-maker. We rely on our tools and technology to supply water; hunt, cultivate, gather, store, preserve and prepare food; create shelter, clothes and goods; to provide comfort, recreation and much more. Tools manifest our intelligence (and follies). We see technology ranging from handtools to computers, and being combined with cultural values and good practices as defining how we can move forward in desired directions.

Man is a social and learning creature. We recognize that we do not have all the answers. However, in addition to our own expertise, we have a network of colleagues with additional skills and experience. Together with our clients, we have have a formidable combination of abilities that can be brought to bear upon the issues at hand. Together, we are stronger.

We thought about what word would describe our ambitions for our work. We chose collaborative, because it implies working together to achieve concrete goals. We did not want to use the word ‘network’, because there are already plenty of networks. Network implies communication of information, and too often, communication becomes the over-riding objective of networks. We value information (check here), but we view it as one tool to be used in attaining our objectives. It has to be matched with consensus, determination, capability, and resources to obtain a successful result.

As a group, we have serious academic credentials and relevant experience and expertise. However, we also share a desire to move past the necessary and appropriate research, studies, and papers to reach the people that are prepared to move good ideas from the possible to the concrete. We also know we can’t achieve anything as a small group of individuals working in a vacuum. We are aware of, and frequently personally acquainted with, a lot of other people with valuable experience and expertise, and doing good work in related fields.

As a collaborative, we want to work with others, particularly community residents, to ensure that we work to achieve the maximum benefit from our collective efforts.

About RESTCo
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