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The Eframe Healthy House aka Self-Sufficient Healthier House (SSHH)

This 8-page PDF which describes the Eframe House is reproduced here with the permission of ERIA Ecosystems Inc.

Presentation for Eframe House (.PPSX)

Later image for page 20 of the presentation above

RESTCo has an approach, and has developed a suite of techniques, tools, technologies, and network of affiliated organizations, which can do better.

For more information on RESTCo's approach to adaptable housing and infrastructure, please contact us.

The RESTCo House
2018 Northern Lights Presentation (PPT)
The Eframe Healthy House
The Toronto Healthy House
The Eagle Lake First Nation Healthy House
The Osgoode Recycled House
Research House for the Environmentally Hypersensitive
Healthy Housing in the North Towards a Northern Healthy House Demonstration Project
PassivHaus Canada
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