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Capturing Micro- and Nano-plastics from the Waste Stream

RESTCo has evaluated many innovative products and techniques for oil spill recovery and remediation. Plastic is essentially a solidified form of hydrocarbons, generally made from oil and natural gas as primary feedstocks. Given that some of these products are designed to capture oil at the molecular scale, they can certainly also capture plastic particles, including micro- and nano-plastics down to the micron scale, while not picking up water.

For now, our testing is still underway to prove our hypothesis that recently developed tools for effective oil spill recovery will also be highly effective at removing micro- and nano-plastics from waste streams and existing pollution in wild waters. When we have protection for our related intellectual property and solid funding in place to move forward, we'll be happy to announce to the world.

But until then, here's a sneak peak from a recent RESTCo test run with micro-plastics (3-minute video).

We also have a very affordable solution for filtering out hydrocarbons and small plastic waste (floating or denser than water) we would like to test with a municipal waste water treatment plant at their outflow, or an industrial point source.

If any of that is of interest, get in touch.

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Capturing Micro- and Nano-plastics from the Waste Stream
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